Walk Through Rivelin

By Paul Coleman
River Rivelin
I'd like to take you on a walk through Rivelin, as I make this walk quite often with my 2 dogs. Itís a walk I get a lot of enjoyment out of, and always find new photo opportunities every time I am there. The photo to the left is taken looking down stream where our walk usually begins, and with Rivelin Valley Road located straight ahead just through the trees we will be heading upstream.

Photograph Right - "River Rivelin"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Rivelin Bridge
This second picture is now looking in the other direction, going upstream. This particular bridge is one of my favourite photography subjects in Rivelin, and always seems to have something different to offer depending on the weather and the time of year.

Photograph Left - "Rivelin Bridge"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Rivelin Bridge
This is the same bridge again but taken from the other side. This shows what a difference it makes taking photos at different times of the year, even though these were taken less than a month apart.

Photograph Right - "Rivelin Bridge"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Autumn Trees
This is one of my favourite pictures, and came along by pure chance. I was in Rivelin in mid November trying to get some Autumnal shots for another project. It was late afternoon , and as I looked up I saw this network of tree branches illuminated with the orange glow of the failing sunlight.

Photograph Left - "Autumn Trees"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Orange Ferrous
This shot shows the oxidised iron in the water flowing over a ledge of the remains of what I think was the Roscoe Wheel, used for the best part of its life as a grinding wheel. The iron in the water is found naturally in the hillsides of Rivelin Valley, which I feel makes great colours for photography.

Photograph Right - "Orange Ferrous"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Rivelin Weir
I put this shot in, as I believe this will be a beautiful place to take a photo at the right time of year. This particular shot however highlights the problem of not having an ND filter with me to cut some light and stop the water burning out at a long exposure. I was also too busy to notice the runner in the background.

Photograph Left - "Rivelin Weir"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Cascading Water
This a good shot of cascading water over a ledge at the remains of the Upper Cut Wheel site, which was a small wheel employing only 8 men. The dam for this wheel was long and thin and was said to be used for the hire of rowing boats.

Photograph Right - "Cascading Water"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Rivelin River
This is a nice shot taken upstream, not much more can be said about it though.

Photograph Left - "Rivelin River"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80.
Rivelin River At Night
This final shot is also one of my favourite shots, taken in almost darkness on the way home. This is located just a bit further down stream from the bridge pictured earlier, and if I turn around I will be in view of the first shot of the day.

Photograph Right "Rivelin River At Night"
Shot with a Canon Powershot A80, at ISO100 for 13 Seconds.

I hope you enjoyed my walk through part of Rivelin, look out for more Rivelin walks coming soon, in which I will take you further up the valley.


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