I have had an interest in photography for as long as I can remember. However, I put my cameras aside during my teenage years and didn’t really re-discover photography 2001. That is when I rushed out and bought a Canon Digital Ixus.

Not too long after my initial purchase, I craved greater control and better results whilst I was honing my skills as a photographer. After some thought, I decide to upgrade to a Canon D30. This camera body served me well for a few years and I slowly built up the contents of my kit bag.

In December 2004, I upgraded to a Canon 20D. The build quality did not match the D30, but it made up for this with its quicker response and better quality images. In 2006 I upgraded yet again to a 5D keeping the 20D as a backup camera. I gave my D30 to my brother so he could start taking photos.

The biggest drive for my pursuit of photography has been to travel explore and document subjects of interest to myself. My photography interests include natural wonders, landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, ancient monuments, and castles.

Explore & Document